Superior Commercial Kitchens

Half-Size Deluxe w/ Proofer
Model: CR-1/2-4
4-rack Convection-A-Ray on top with timer & humidity, 8-pan proofer on bottom , convection cavity is 26"T x 18.8"W x 18"D, proofer cavity is 25.75"T x 18.75"W x 19.5"D.

Measures: 67" tall, 29.3" wide, 30" deep
Electrical: 120/208v 1ph
Condition: Used
Price: $2,400
Half-Size NuVu w/ Proofer
Full-Size US Range
Model: COP-2-R-5
6-pan circulating air convection oven on top, 8-pan proofer on the bottom, buzzer, timer, glass door, convection cavity is 26"T x 19.5"W x 17"D, proofer cavity is 34"T x 26"W x 21.25"D.

Measures: 85" tall, 34.8" wide, 29" deep
​Electrical: 3ph, 10/5 wire, 110v
Condition: Used
Price: $2,000
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Convection Ovens
Model: SDG-1
Gas unit, Sunfire series, 10 rack holders with 3 adjustable oven racks, stainless steel front with timer and temperature controls, black sides, 80,000 btu/hr.

Measures: 32" tall, 40" wide, 40" deep
Electrical: 115v, 8.5a, 1ph, 60hz
Condition: Used
Price: $1,400
Full-Size Southbend
Model: SLGS/12SC
Natural gas unit, stainless, 2 door unit on black legs, 4in WC manifold pressure.

Measures: 55.5" tall, 38" wide, 38" deep
Electrical: 115v, 60hz, 1 phase, 15a
Conditon: Used
Price: $1,700
Full-Size American Range
Full-Size Blodgett
Model: -
Gas unit, "Majestic Convection Manual", on a stand with casters and an undershelf, interior lights.  

Measures: 64" tall, 40" wide, 38.5" deep
Electrical: -
Conditon: Used
Price: $1,850
Model: -
5-rack unit, 2 doors with glass windows, oven cavity measures 20"T x 29"W x 21"D.

Measures: 32" tall, 38" wide, 37" deep
Electrical: -
Conditon: Used
Price: $1,900
Full-Size Blodgett Double Stack
Model: DFG100
Gas unit with electric controls, stainless exterior with exterior light and temperature controls, 3 racks per oven.  

Measures: 64" tall, 38.5" wide, 44" deep
Electrical: -
Conditon: Used
Price: $4,800
Tom Chandley, Electric
Model: A6MK4MTS 1.2.8
Came from a Dunkin Donut, pull out condiment shelf, on casters, can steam when connected to a water source, great for bagels, croissants, muffins, cookies, etc.

Measures: 65.3" tall, 60" wide, 41" deep
Electrical: 208v, 3ph, 60hz, 6.7kw
Conditon: Used
Price: $2,000
Blodgett Pizza Oven
Model: DC-12-DD
Came from a Dunkin Donut, timer, humidity & temperature controls.

Measures: 70.5" tall, 55" wide, 42" deep
Electrical: 3x208-230+115v, 60hz
Conditon: Used
Price: $2,995
Deck Ovens
Superior Commercial Kitchens ® 2228 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bensalem, PA 19020

Lang by Angelo Po
Model: LCG-241M
Gas unit with electric control panels, stainless exterior, 5 adjustable 20"x25" racks, glass front, max of 500 degrees, 115 btu/hr, currently have 2 of these models.

Measures: 59.3" tall, 47" wide, 37" deep
Electrical: 200v, 3ph, 60hz, 3a
Conditon: Used
Price: $2,000 as is, $3,500 for the pair
Combi Ovens
Commercial Microwave Ovens
Model: R-23GT
Stainless steel exterior, white interior, for high volume kitchens, 10 power levels, 10-key memory pad, 11 memories, defrost, cavity measures 8"T x 13"W x 13"D, currently have 3 of these units.

Measures: 13" tall, 21" wide, 20" deep
Electrical: 1600 watt, 1ph, 230/208v
Conditon: Used
Price: $450
Equipment: Cooking: Ovens
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